A Weekend in Vermont


Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the feeling of the cool air, cable-knit cozy sweaters, and especially colorful leaves.

So last year, I decided to take a weekend away to enjoy my favorite holiday … and what better place to spend it than in Vermont – where autumn rules the landscape?

I was surprised what I was able to fit into 4 days, so I’ve decided to share my experiences, so you can be inspired to plan your own fall getaway …

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A New England Fall Favorite: Hornstra Farms

I can’t believe that fall is in the air … already. Just a few weeks ago we were enjoying 80+ degree days, beach lounging and cookouts. Now, the kiddies are heading back to school, the leaves are changing (at least, in Massachusetts they are), and the stores are stocking Halloween candy (a tad early if you ask me)…

I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite ready to completely relinquish all of my summer activities just yet.

If this sounds like you, then I would love to tell you about Hornstra Farms – if you didn’t already visit, that is. I usually continue to visit the farm in Norwell, MA up until the Dairy Bar closes for the season. It’s fun, family-friendly, beautiful and, above all, delicious to take a trip to Hornstra!

Image source

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24 Hours in Washington DC

I’ve walked the streets of London, climbed the Eiffel Tower, and tried Belgian chocolate from the shops of Bruges, but I never visited the capital of the United States – Washington D.C. – until now.

The opportunity for a quick visit arose when we decided to road trip it down to Virginia to see my sister graduate from A.I.T army training, and I was determined to see D.C. while the chance was within reach.

But I learned a lot about the capital city that I didn’t know before. Basically, you have to see it to understand just how huge and overwhelming it is. But I loved it.

We were short on time, but here’s what I saw in the two days I visited Washington D.C., and what you should consider seeing on your trip there, too.

The view from The Washington Monument on the National Mall

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Summer in Massachusetts: Cape Cod Lavender Farm

If there’s one time a year that gets everyone in Massachusetts excited – it’s summer. And if there’s one place that gets everyone in Massachusetts excited – it’s Cape Cod (or the Cape, as it’s known locally).

Put those two together and you’re golden.

But aside from the incredible beaches, seafood and shopping offered down the Cape during the on-months, there’s even more, if you know where to look.

I’ve been pretty obsessed with lavender for awhile – I have a few plants growing in my own garden at home. The smell during the peak season is to-die-for; it has that gorgeous balance of sweet and strong that entices. I use it in my tea (hello, lavender-chamomile my old friend), and as a natural perfume and sleep aid. Drying bunches and keeping them on-hand keeps the air clean in the house, and makes every breath feel like summertime.

So when I heard about Cape Cod Lavender Farm, I had no choice but to see what it was all about.

And it certainly didn’t disappoint.


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5 Massachusetts Waterfalls Worth Visiting

A few years ago, I and a couple of my close friends went on a day trip to check out a waterfall in the Western part of Massachusetts. It was a trip that was 2 ½ hours’ worth of driving, but entirely worth it.

We went to Glendale Falls, a huge, all-natural waterfall that stole our breath away (and #3 on this list). Since summer is nearly upon us, I figured it would be nice to recommend other gorgeous Massachusetts waterfalls for you to check out too!

Just please remember to always use caution when exploring waterfalls, as they can be dangerous, and obey any posted rules at the site:

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South Carolina on my Mind

Greetings, all.

Recently I had an opportunity to visit my younger sister at Fort Jackson in South Carolina to see her graduate from US Army basic training. It was exciting for more reasons than just one – to see her succeed through something so difficult, to visit a state I’ve never been to (two, counting my quick jaunt through North Carolina, but we’ll get into that later), and to stay on a military base, something that I, as a girly girl (or so people often categorize me), never thought I’d do.

I figured I’d relive my trip vicariously through my readers, and recount my thoughts on the entire southern experience. Get comfy ya’ll (they say this often in South Carolina just humor me).

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