Happy(ier) hour summer cocktail recipes

Its mid-July in Massachusetts: Which means that the temperature outside has (finally) reached sizzling levels. I find that there’s nothing better than cooling off near the pool with a refreshing cocktail and some friends to beat the heat.

But what to make? Sure, there’s lemonade and iced tea, but for those at the right age, something with a slightly extra kick is sometimes appreciated, and helps you relax and enjoy your time not in an office or behind a counter.

There are so many summer cocktail recipes, it’s virtually impossible to try them all in one season. So here are some of my favorites to get you started.

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You’ve gotta be avoca-kidding me!

Summer is one of my favorite seasons.  I’m up early and home late – enjoying the long days and warm sun.

But a major plus (besides the weather, of course) of this season has GOT to be the food. Between BBQs with fresh corn on the cob, lobsters, oysters and steamers, and seasonal faves like watermelon and mangoes, I transport to food heaven for 3 months out of the year.

And as a millennial, I feel like I’m required to enjoy the food of my generation – the avocado.

Behold: The avocado.

But what’s not to love? They’re relatively inexpensive, filling, healthy and versatile.

So without further ado, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite avocado recipes with you (millennial or no millennial)!

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Gifts that give back: Give charitable gifts this season!

I would like to wish everyone who celebrates a Happy Hanukah this week, and to everyone who is celebrating Christmas—good luck on your final gift hunt! But for anyone who is concerned about giving another mundane gift to their friends, family, or loved ones, fear not! Below is a beautiful variety of gifts that keep on giving! Each one that is purchased supports a greater cause or a charity foundation—be it animals, feeding the hungry, helping the impaired, etcetera. So before you drop $50 on a portable water fountain or on an “as seen on TV” item, why not browse through a selection of gifts that are good for the giver, the receiver, and people in need! Continue reading “Gifts that give back: Give charitable gifts this season!”

Light the Night: The Walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma

Together we can Light The Night! Image from dasfort.com.

As I enter my senior year of college here in Boston, I am so excited at the prospect of graduating. But there has been hardship this year as well. My beautiful cousin Mary Lou recently lost her fight with Leukemia after several months of suffering through painful treatments and lengthy hospital stays, and unfortunately she will not be here to see me graduate. Continue reading “Light the Night: The Walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma”

Keep your head up: Tricks to maximize your finals week success


I completely agree when college students say that finals week is the most stressful time each year. Just think: you have all of your subjects riding on one huge test and for some reason professors don’t like to remember that you have other classes too! Stress level plus 90000.

But fear not! I have some tricks that I have always used that can help you get through your finals week with minimal psychiatric damage!

  1. Begin studying in advance, if you can: If you begin the week before to type up study guides and make flashcards, you’ll be ahead of the game! Get that stuff done first and you’ll do nothing but the nitty gritty when the actual finals week rolls around.
  2. Study in a place with minimal distraction: This one’s tough. I have one spot that’s completely a designated study zone. Make it a quiet place where you feel comfortable enough to take a decent break in.
  3. Try an alternative to flashcards:  Rather than make a zillion flashcards and kill countless trees, try making a matching sheet instead. Type up your terms and answers and cut them all out, mixing them up. Then spend some time matching them together. When you’re done, store them in an envelope. This method helps a lot more, because there isn’t another side tempting you to peek!
  4. It’s okay to take breaks: My method is that I usually study the hardest stuff first for 20 minutes, take a 15 minute break, and then study for half hour intervals with 10 minute breaks in between. And during those breaks, don’t just sit there! Staying active actually helps a person to remember more, so take a quick walk, grab an apple, or make a phone call. Something to get your mind off the material for 10 minutes so you can start fresh!
  5. Always make a study sheet:This one is so important. If your professor doesn’t give you a list of topics to really study, ask them what they are and write them down. I stress this so much. Then go home, type up all of the info and organize it really well, highlighting the main points, and repeatedly write that stuff down. Make a fake test and fill in the answers until you’re sure you got it! Nothing is more effective than repetition!

Please feel free to use these methods and tricks to help you if you’re freaking out about finals week. And remember: You got this, and I have faith in you!