A simple guide to NYX Cosmetics

A Simple Guide

It’s no secret that I love playing around with makeup. It’s a super fun and creative way to make yourself feel like a million bucks, and I love going on the hunt for the perfect product to match my skin and style. What I don’t like about cosmetics: The cost. It’s serious $$ to buy cosmetics these days! But when I came across NYX products, I felt like I came upon the holy grail of cosmetics. Cost efficient and high-quality, NYX is the only line I stick to now. But I’m surprised it isn’t more well-known. Check out my go-to NYX products and ditch the Sephora prices (your wallet will thank you).

Blush recommendation: NYX Baked Blush ($7)

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True story: I got so many compliments on my blush when I went to Sephora … but it wasn’t one of their products. NYX’s baked blush is gorgeous, smooth, covers well, and has an amazing built-in illuminator. It’s a win-win for complexions everywhere.

My color: Spanish Rose

Buy it here.

Concealer recommendation: HD Photogenic Concealer Wand ($5)

Image result for nyx concealer
From NYXCosmetics.com. 

I LOVE this product. Great coverage all-around. I use the HD green concealer stick to cover red patches. It comes in 23 shades, and it’s a thick formula that takes its job seriously.

My color: Green color corrector (for redness)

Buy it here.

Complexion recommendation: Matte Makeup Setting Spray ($8)

Image result for nyx makeup setting spray
From Ulta.com. 

I commute to work, and that involves a brisk walk in Boston weather (which can be unpredictable, to say the least). But my makeup never drips, and best of all: My concealer doesn’t rub off! I use this matte spray, and it holds all day and night.

Buy it here.

Eyebrow recommendation:

  • Auto eyebrow pencil – for everyday use ($4.75)

    Image result for nyx eyebrow pencil
    From NYXCosmetics.com. 
  • Brow gel – For nights-out and special occasions ($7)

    Image result for nyx eyebrow gel
    From NYXCosmetics.com. 

I totally hopped on the brow band wagon. But I don’t have time in the morning to dedicate 20 minutes to my brows. So I use the auto pencil, and it’s amazing. I get lots of compliments on my brows, and the color rolls on smooth and stays on. I was using a Sephora brand pencil before, but I’ll never go back. It’s a great, thick formula and I love the thickness of the pencil itself.

For my nights out, I pair the brow gel with an angled brow brush and some concealer … voila, gorgeous, fast, and on-trend brows. You don’t need to be Anastasia Beverly Hills if you have this NYX product. Seriously, I highly recommend.

For the gel …

For the auto pencil …

My colors:

For the gel: Chocolate (red-brown)

For the auto pencil: Brown

Lip recommendation: NYX Lip Lingerie ($7)

Image result for nyx lip lingerie
From NYXCosmetics.com. 

Where do I begin!? This stuff is life-changing. I have searched far and wide for the right nude color lip product, and liquid lingerie fits the bill. And I’m not the only one who says this … my friends use it and love it, too. No joke. It has a smooth finish and I love the brush, and it dries quickly. I would still use a lip scrub before applying for the smoothest finish, but it’s a product that seriously feels high-end, without the additional dollar signs.
Buy it here.

My shade: Embellishment

I get my products at CVS pharmacy, Target and Ulta Beauty. And also, I want to remind you that I’m not getting paid for this recommendation; I just want to spread the NYX love around! Go forth and try it out! You’ll never go back.


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