Halloween Costumes: Trend Watch

#1 Halloween costumes, 2013 - 2017 (2)

Every year, Halloween gives adults and children alike an opportunity to unleash their creativity, have fun, and delight in all things spooky, creepy and frightening.

I have a personal preference to be something unique each year – usually, I DIY my costumes to fit my preferences and try to go all out (I have tons of fun putting a costume together each year. This year, I was a unicorn). To ensure that I keep my idea fresh, I always check out Google’s Frightgeist, which polls Google costume searches across the U.S. into a numerical ranking. Ever since the tool was created, the costume game was elevated … and hasn’t been the same since.

To celebrate both the Halloween holiday and this frankly ingenious online tool, here are the #1 costumes from the last five years… according to the Interwebs.



Image result for Minion costume

According to this article by the NY daily news:

“‘Minion costume’ topped Google’s list of trending Halloween-related searches in October, so you will likely see tons of children and adults dressed as the charmingly kooky creatures from the Despicable Me movies.”

So it started in 2013 … and has continued ever since.


Frozen’s Elsa

Image result for frozen elsa costume

No surprise here – the movie Frozen was a HUGE hit (and parents everywhere have paid the price ever since; “let it go”!) But adults also jumped on the Frozen bandwagon. Elsa was the most searched costume that year, according to Google.


Harley Quinn

Image result for harley quinn costume

The super villain turned anti-hero in 2016’s blockbuster film Suicide Squad made this costume a no-brainer. It continues to make a splash at Halloween parties country-wide – the insane blonde jokester is definitely sticking around.


Harley Quinn

Image result for harley quinn costume

See what I mean? Dr. Quinzel has some serious staying power in popular culture!


Wonder Woman

Image result for wonder woman costume

This Amazonian princess and warrior is having some time in the spotlight, thanks to Gal Gadot’s amazing performance as Diana in this year’s blockbuster smash hit film. It’s great to see a strong female character kicking ass and taking names – and I guess quite a lot of women across the country agree with me!

BONUS: Fear not Harley Quinn fans – the kooky girlfriend to Batman’s Joker came in this year in the #2 spot!




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