Summer in Massachusetts: Cape Cod Lavender Farm

If there’s one time a year that gets everyone in Massachusetts excited – it’s summer. And if there’s one place that gets everyone in Massachusetts excited – it’s Cape Cod (or the Cape, as it’s known locally).

Put those two together and you’re golden.

But aside from the incredible beaches, seafood and shopping offered down the Cape during the on-months, there’s even more, if you know where to look.

I’ve been pretty obsessed with lavender for awhile – I have a few plants growing in my own garden at home. The smell during the peak season is to-die-for; it has that gorgeous balance of sweet and strong that entices. I use it in my tea (hello, lavender-chamomile my old friend), and as a natural perfume and sleep aid. Drying bunches and keeping them on-hand keeps the air clean in the house, and makes every breath feel like summertime.

So when I heard about Cape Cod Lavender Farm, I had no choice but to see what it was all about.

And it certainly didn’t disappoint.


This little farm is seated in the crook of the Cape, in Harwich, and nestled back in conservation land. It takes a good eye (and some good tires) to find the little dirt road. But upon arriving, you’re immediately greeted by the smell of those pretty purple flowers.

The highlight of the farm is the little shop – where there are dozens of lavender bunches hanging from the rafters. Inside, you can find everything you’d ever want made with lavender. Soy wax candles, marmalade, tea, teddy bears, and of course, plants.

The shop at Cape Cod Lavender Farm.

The shop takes cash, credit, and debit, and runs on an honor system. I was overtaken by the charm of the place and how sweet it seemed.

After visiting the shop, visitors can wander back towards the fields – where over a hundred plants (and 4 types of grown lavender) greet you. There’s also an adorable little fairy castle and village to explore!

Inside the little shop — it smells amazing.

For the more adventurous visitors, there are miles of conservation land surrounding the farm to explore. But on a hot day like today, I preferred to pack a picnic and tune in to the sounds all around me!

This is a great day trip location, and it felt great to support a local Massachusetts small business. They were harvesting when we went, which usually takes place beginning in mid-July. The peak season is in June – where the lavender plants are in full bloom.

The next time you’re in Harwich, I recommend the Cape Cod Lavender Farm as a wonderful destination.

I fulfilled my lavender dreams.


Summer Hours
Open 7 Days a Week
Monday – Saturday 10AM-4PM
Sunday open 12PM-4PM
Harwich, MA
Check out their website HERE.

*The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own 


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