5 Massachusetts Waterfalls Worth Visiting

A few years ago, I and a couple of my close friends went on a day trip to check out a waterfall in the Western part of Massachusetts. It was a trip that was 2 ½ hours’ worth of driving, but entirely worth it.

We went to Glendale Falls, a huge, all-natural waterfall that stole our breath away (and #3 on this list). Since summer is nearly upon us, I figured it would be nice to recommend other gorgeous Massachusetts waterfalls for you to check out too!

Just please remember to always use caution when exploring waterfalls, as they can be dangerous, and obey any posted rules at the site:

Tannery Falls, Savoy MA

Tannery Falls, Massachusetts
Tannery Falls (Photo source)

A gorgeous first stop, Tannery Falls is an impressive 80-foot series of waterfalls that is in an area with several other waterfalls. Dogs are allowed (on leash), and though swimming is poor, this is a great spot to relax, hike, and enjoy the roaring flow of natural water. The hike takes about ½ hour, but in return you’ll receive a great look at a gorgeous waterfall.

Wahconah Falls, Dalton MA

Waconah Falls (Photo source)

A thunderous falls, you’ll first be greeted by its sound. Falling 30 feet into a deep pool below, check out the ½-mile trail loop, enjoy the gorgeous picnic scenery, and bring a camera to snap a few awesome pictures of this natural wonder.

Glendale Falls, Middlefield MA

Image may contain: 1 person
Glendale Falls – From our trip a few years ago!

I have a soft spot for this one (wink). An incredible site, this falls greets you with stunning views from the top of the surrounding mountains. Altogether, this waterfall stands an impressive 160 feet, and  the constant rumble of the flowing water is incredibly soothing. What I loved about this falls, is the rock formations – allowing you to literally sit with the water rushing around you to enjoy a packed lunch! Hiking around the falls can be difficult, so best not to bring the kiddies on this one. Parking is free, and it’s open year-round, but I recommend going during the mid-summer season.

Campbell Falls, New Marlborough MA

Image result for Campbell Falls MA
Campbell Falls (Photo source)

Stunning, powerful and serene are all words that can describe this waterfall. This falls features a 50-foot plunging drop into a pool below. Featuring an upper and lower section, this falls proves popular for photographers, hikers and picnickers.

Bash Bish Falls, Mount Washington MA

Image result for Bash Bish Falls MA
Bash Bish Falls (Photo source)

Arguably the most popular waterfall in the state, Bash Bish packs a punch that isn’t easily forgotten. After just a short hike, you’ll be stunned by the 80-foot drop into the pool below, and the bordering scenery around it. The falls can be dangerous to traverse, so please use caution and refrain from swimming. But definitely enjoy it and its natural, spellbinding splendor.

I hope you go on a waterfall adventure across Massachusetts this summer! Enjoy the natural beauty that the state provides, and make sure to leave behind only footprints (but please take a million pictures to share)!


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